(с участием зарубежных ученых)
06-13 сентября 2021 года

Abstract submission

Abstracts of papers presented in English are limited to maximum 4 pages, format А4. Send the Word text (doc, docx, rtf), containing tables, figure captions and references as a separate file. Attach Figures (jpg) as separate files.

Enter your archived materials (rar, zip, arj) in a personal profile of participants at the conference site: http://petro2020.igc.irk.ru. The file names depict the surname and initials of the first author in English (e.g. IvanovAA.doc), and the figure file names depict their numbering (e.g. IvanovAA_fig1.jpg).

The Abstract text is not aligned, no indention and extra blank space. All margins are 2 cm, the page orientation is in a portrait mode.

Print the single-spaced text, including tables and references in Times New Roman 12 font. Pages are not numbered.

Abstract Structure:

  • Title of paper
  • Authors of paper, speaker underlined, affiliation numbered after surnames
  • Affiliation with numeric reference and indication of organization, city, country and e-mail
  • Empty line
  • The text holds references in round brackets to publications (Ivanov et al., 2005), figures (Fig. 1) and tables (Table 1). At the end of the text the new line refers to the project and grant numbers.
  • Empty line
  • References in alphabetic order, not numbered
  • Empty line
  • Figure captions
  • Each entitled table is given on a separate page with Word instrument

Reference arrangement:
Pavlov Е.Е. Book title. City: Publisher. 2006. 445 p.
Sidorov I.I. Article title // Journal. 2005. V. 1. № 2. P. 3-8.


Abstract sample to follow

Magmatic and metamorphic complexes of the Baikal region
Ivanov А.А.1, Petrov V.V.2
1Institution…, city, postal code, country, e-mail:
2Institution…, city, postal code, country, e-mail:

The Abstract text has no alignment and extra blank space.

Refer to the projects and grants


Figure captions



Attach figures in separate files